Submission Criteria

We are glad that you wish to submit a blog on the UAE IAA website. The below criteria is not a comprehensive list, but will give you a fair idea on how you can proceed.

  • Please write to express your ideas. Re-posting other articles is not what we are seeking. Also ensure that your articles are your own creation.
  • Any quotes/text used from external sources should be appropriately credited.
  • Please do not recommend products within your blog.
  • You may wish to break the text with an image and make it more interesting for the reader.
  • You article should have a logical flow and must conclude for our readers to take advantage of it.
  • The article must be submitted in MS-Word format only with clearly organised writing using headings, sub-headings, bullet lists, number lists, etc. as applicable to your article.
  • Limit your article to 600 words and don't forget to give a title to your article.
  • Read and re-read for grammatical errors and typos. Please don't use hash-tags or HTML codes within your text.
  • End each article with your Name, Job title, Organization and Email.
  • Finally, the article will undergo a selection process prior to posting. You will be notified of the outcome.
(File in jpg or png format)
(File in doc or docx format)
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