Guidelines to submitting a blog and commenting

Below you will find a few guidelines for posting in our Blog. Whilst they are not difficult to follow your you abiding by them will enable a healthy discussion. The blog is moderated and it may take sometime before your post appears on the blog page. We reserve the right to remove any comment if it felt that they do not adhere to these guidelines and/or flout any norm or law of the land.

  • Keep up with the spirit - We ask you to post your views, but to please refrain from personal attacks. Be courteous, polite and respectful to other fellow members. No hate messages please.
  • No advertisements - Please do not promote ANY brand or product. No marketing message should be embedded in your comments. Please refrain from posting URLs or any external sites for promotional purposes.
  • No profanity - Please refrain from using derogatory language in your posts. Kindly also refrain from posting links to external sites which may have offensive content.
  • Phone - Please do not post private or personal information such as email id, one nos., etc. This includes for yourself and of others.
  • Avoid plagiarism - Please do not include content which you did not write yourself. However, if you are making reference within the article to an external text, please reference it in your blog.
  • Stay on topic - Do not digress. Keep all comments relevant to the article as much as possible.
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